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system tunnels located at a depth of teeth in Vietnam

system tunnels located at a depth of teeth in Vietnam, is that oral hygiene is not guaranteed. Long-term myelitis causes abscesses. Teeth that is not treated in time can affect other teeth. Flossing and brushing daily, regular dental visits help prevent problems such as cavities, abscesses and discolored teeth. These infections should not be underestimated because oral infections can spread to the face, even in the skull. Disease “bumps” on the tongue “Bite” on the tongue is a folk way of talking about tiny harmless puffs on the surface of the tongue, although it does not affect the health but causes pain and discomfort for the sick. The cause of the disease so far medicine is not known, probably due to reaction to food or tongue trauma, bite on the tongue. Sometimes the disease resolves itself after a few days, if needed, can take pain medication.

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<strong>Signs of wisdom teeth:</strong>

Extreme pain that spreads to the eyes, ears or head may indicate that the wisdom teeth are about to appear.

Tingling pain at the end of the jaw. Gum swelling or inflammation. Persistent nagging or ear pain can occur when wisdom teeth attempt to grow but do not have enough space for it.

Signs are not wisdom teeth be sensitive to sweets, cold drinks, ice cream, hot drinks, even when exposed to cold air. Persistent toothache lasts for a few minutes after eating sweets, hot or cold. Because these things can cause nerve damage. <strong><em><a href=”http://www.identdentalimplantcenter.com/”>Saigon Vietnam dental implants</a></em></strong>

<strong>Why do wisdom teeth cause pain?</strong>

Teeth wisdom is the last tooth that grows through the skin or in the oral cavity. Since it has less space to grow, it is painful. Teeth wisdom is also more likely to develop at an angle that is not exactly causing toothache. This also often causes swelling, inflammation and bad breath.

<strong>When can wisdom teeth be removed?</strong>

We need to remove wisdom teeth when it grows in the wrong direction, pushes the other teeth apart, causes pain and discomfort.

<strong>What foods should and should not be eaten?</strong>

When teething, we should eat soft foods to relieve pain such as potatoes, soups and avoid sugary foods as they can aggravate the infection.

<strong>Some natural remedies for relieving pain</strong>

Brushing your teeth twice a day is essential to keep your wisdom teeth clean. Warm salt water is recommended to relieve pain; Otherwise, mouthwash may be used, but only if recommended by the dentist. Turmeric, garlic and onion have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and inflammation. These are home remedies for wisdom teeth you can try. <strong><em><a href=”https://identdentalimplantcenter.com/prestigious-dental-implant-center-to-restore-lost-teeth-in-vietnam”>vietnam dentist prices</a></em></strong>

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